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Customer User Journeys

Here you can learn about Customer User Journeys and why they are important.

What is a Customer User Journey?

A Customer User Journey is a set of steps a user takes to accomplish a a high level goal. A well-written CUJ has four components. It's designed to help you focus on who the user is and what it takes for them to be successful at their job.

The 4 components of a CUJ

Why do we need Customer User Journeys?

Companies that scale or have many users it becomes harder to stay focused on what matters most. Over the past years, as teams invested in user centric methods, we refined the best practices, applying lessons learned along the way. CUJs are our way of making sure we're always learning from users. We should prioritize what matters most to people, then dream up new, interesting ways of helping users. CUJs can help you do this. CUJs can help keep your product magical.

Customer User Journey Framework

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Job to be Done

Title: Customer engagement

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Title: I want to connect with my customers

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User whom are we solving for

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Tasks and context

Task Goal

Task Activities


Empathy rating